Colin Glen Forest Park


Colin Glen 1

This is not only a gem of a walk right in the city of Belfast  but also gives easy access to the mountains and much longer treks, for example, Black Mountain to Cavehill.  However, it is a muddy one and there are a couple of streams to cross.  If you like getting really close to mother nature, then this is the one for you.  For a map, statistics and waymark photographs, click on the link to Wikiloc:

Colin Glen 2

We started at the Colin Glen Centre at 163 Stewartstown Road and followed the main path always keeping to the right, along the river, until we reached the bridge at the Glen Road.  We passed under the bridge and climbed up the steps on the right and then turned left to follow a smaller track beside the boundary wall.   Shortly after this path drops down to cross a river, there is a marker post taking you right and to a flooded quarry.

At this point, we had a choice to go right to reach Divis and Black Mountain or left to the continue Colin Glen Circuit to the Rumble Hole, an impressive waterfall.

Colin Glen 4

On this occasion, we went left and having enjoyed the delights of the Rumble Hole, we retraced our steps but kept straight rather than turning left to the quarry.  After some scrambling, we found the track on the other side of the glen.  This track brought us to a river crossing, then a climb up the slope on the far side to find the Mass Rock.

Colin Glen 8

From the Mass Rock, we followed a track past some old industrial buildings and back to the Glen Road.  We turned left, entered Colin Glen Forest Park again and retraced our steps to the car park.

Colin Glen 7




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